Maintenance Supervisor

Company Name:
Malace HR
AS required or journey-person status Requires 5+ years Able to work well in a team environment Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail Good verbal and written communication skills
Coordinate and supervise daily, weekly and monthly activities for both shift maintenance personnel and facilities personnel
Communicates directly with the operations department to coordinate maintenance and repair work in process areas.
Communicates directly with QA laboratory to ensure effective participation by the maintenance technicians in the implementation of QA policies and procedures.
Implements programs and procedures required to ensure plant cleanliness.
Assists with planning and implementing plant improvements and expansions.
Conducts employee performance reviews based on job descriptions to determine competency, knowledge, and contribution of the maintenance technicians.
Maintains and updates operating and training manuals for the maintenance department.
Ensures that all maintenance technicians are trained on the most updated version of the operating procedures.
Monitors operation of plant equipment and systems.
Reviews the operation of plant equipment and systems constantly, to minimize unplanned downtime, anticipate solve problems in a timely manner, and to identify opportunities for improvement.
Maintains and repairs maintenance shop equipment.
Establishes and maintains a system for tracking work orders, spare parts, and maintenance history of plant equipment.
Prepares reports, analyzes data, and makes recommendations for improving plant operations and solving maintenance-related problems.
Ensures that maintenance technicians are adequately trained, equipped, and motivated so that the maintenance program can be accomplished in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.
Communicates regularly with all maintenance technicians, both individually and as a group, to ensure good two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.
Initiates and carries out projects that improve efficiency and/or reduce operating costs.
Tracks, analyzes and improves key maintenance parameters such as asset utilization, maintenance cost, PM compliance, schedule compliance, etc.
Maintains safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures.
Directs, maintains, and enforces the safety program for the maintenance department; reviews safety records to uphold standards of maximum safety for all maintenance technicians.
Participate in objective setting, plan development and performance review of plant performance.
Monitors the use and inventories of spare parts, maintenance supplies, and equipment and initiates reordering when necessary.

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